Monday 19 November 2007

A face like a half-eaten pie!

Man, did I take one for the team this weekend. First, let me present the latest chapter in the hunt for the great Aussie meat pie.

Further to our trip to the Peninsula Farmers Market, last week, we tracked down this roving circus of goodness in Boneo Road, this weekend. And we specifically attended to try the Gourmet Meat Pie stand.

Furry and I have been trying pies all over Australia for many years and we have a certain criteria. There must be a definite difference between the pastry on the top and the pastry underneath. The filling needs to have a good meat:gravy ratio. It has to taste like it sounds (All Aussie Chunky Beef pie cannot contain mince and vegies, for example) and it must pass the sog-test.

The sog test is simple.

Before you bite into it, you hold the pie aloft in your cupped hand.

The perfect pie has no "give". The bottom doesn't sag and the sides don't flex.

So, off we go and hunt down our quarry:

Their range is astonishing!! (pity they only had about 1/2 their advertised line actually hot!)

Furry went the Shepherd's pie.:

Which was made with mince, not lamb. Strike out!!.

Although he said it was very nice, it didn't pass the sog test. The bottom was not cooked enough, and it became very VERY messy to eat, whilst walking around.

I went the Chunky Roast Pork pie, and as you can see from the first photo, it had great potential.

The crust pastry was perfect. Flaky, buttery goodness!!

It certainly lived up to its name:

Now, THAT'S a chunky pie!!!

The gravy was a little sweet for me, and it also didn't pass the sog test (but it didn't get nearly as messy as Furry's). I put it down to it only being 9.30 am. Maybe if we'd tried on later, they would have had time to crisp up.

No matter though.. I can always tell a pie that hasn't been baked blind ;)

Stand by for the great Aussie Burger challenge.


stickyfingers said...
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stickyfingers said...

Hello-oooo!! Time for a collaborative MEAT PIE BLOG? Mr Sticky and I are happy to join the team. Burger Blog already exists as does my SuperParma....and of course my Vanilla Slice Blog.

stickyfingers said...

Oops Super Parma is not mine - in fact I think it hasn't been updated for a long, long time. Apologies. Too many 16hour days recently.

Vanilla Slice is awaiting my post of the latest delicious morsel from Daylesford, when I can unscramble my weary grey matter.

purple goddess said...

Sticky, I've got a snot block post to upload today. You're welcome to pinch it lock stock and smokin' when I put it up, for the VS blog.

grocer said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm pies

you're talking to a couple where, for the first christmas, girl bought boy a piemaker!

purple goddess said...


Now THAT's true love.

grocer said...

LOL! we were engaged by the following christmas. (just)

Anonymous said...

Hi I just came back from Melbourne 3 days ago after spending 2 weeks there. Went around tasting the Aussie pies and was very impressed with the pie made by Parker's. They are in Rutherglen 86-88 Main street. They have a great assortments of pie with fillings like steak, mushroom and red wine, lamb and rosemary, chicken, cheese, ham and mushrrom, indian curry, chucky beef, kangeroo and emu. We also tried the pies in the sky at Dandenongs, but I still prefer Praker's though I think P.I.S.'s Beef rendang pie is quite good though.

Anonymous said...

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