Sunday 4 November 2007

Lunch for one.

Sigh.. someone had to come home to feed the puppies, Mrs Peaches and Stella-Bella-Bottom-Smeller. so while the rest of the fam continue to celebrate Furry's birthday, I am up her, in GW on a miserable, wet, cold day.

So what more do I need to cheer me up and warm my cockles, than MORE PIZZA!!!

A trip down to Kerrie Road IGA reveals a new product, pre-baked, vegan friendly tomato pizza base. 100% Aussie made. They come from Pizzeria Perfecto and at $7.95, they are NOT going to be a staple on the family menu, but for one, it's not too bad. The come from Balmain, NSW, so they've got some food miles on 'em, but much better than using imported khobz or nasty nasty pre-fab bases from Woolies.

Inspired by my chevre recipe from yesterday, I decided to grab another variety. Cos I left the other jar down at CFdM, and I am guessing that it won't come home!This time (because my organic shop isn't open) I choose Meredith Dairy marinated goats cheese. It's Winner of six Gold medals including Champion Royal Melbourne Dairy Show 2003 & 2004.

The web site: Meredith Dairy.

I grab a chunk of prosciuto.. the one I rejected yesterday.

Now I have a mostly SOLE meal for one.

Cost: $25 even.

Much more expensive that yesterday. I certainly couldn't do this for the whole fam, but I will get more than one pizza out of the cheese and the prociutto. It's a lot cheaper than Maccas or a meal out, but when you can get imported khobz for 99c for 6 on special at Coles, it better taste like truffle-infused foie gras!!

But, the point is, that I have a mostly-SOLE meal, bought at an IGA in the 'burbs. It CAN BE DONE!!!

Will bake it off in a few mins and post an update.



Vida said...

Darl, you could have gone to Orange on Chapel Street and got three courses and a glass of wine for $25... and no dishes or any of that other stuff... just an idea.. Vida x

purple goddess said...

yeah, I know...

And the pizza was very VERY average.

But, in keeping with my attempt to eat SOLE in the 'burbs, it was a learning experience. Basically, it's bloody hard.. not impossible, but harder that if we lived inner city.

Today, I'm off to check out the local fruit growers. Yers, there ARE still local orchards in GW that sell to the public.

pg, roving SOLE reporter in da 'burbs!!!

Lucy said...

First time I tasted that cheese I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

SOLE is very possible - you just have to want it enough, don't you?