Sunday 4 November 2007

Grown-up fish sticks with sweeet chilli mayo.

*4 flattie tails per person
*1 cup plain flour
*1/2 tspn paprika
*large pinch salt
*1tblspn vegetable oil (I used canola) plus extra for frying
*2/3 cup water
*2 free-range egg whites.


*4 tblspn mayo (use the egg yolks)
*2 tblspns sweet chilli sauce
* 1tspn freshly grated ginger
* 1 mild red chilli, seeded and finely chopped.

Mix all the ingredients for the mayp together and chill in the 'fridge.

Sift flour, paprika and salt into a mixing bowl, gradually beat in oil and water. Whisk the egg whites into stiff peaks and gently fold into four mixture, to form batter.

Pour oil nto a wok until it is about 1/3 full, about 2 cups, in my case. Heat until smoking. Cook the fish in batches of no more than 4 at a time. More will overcrowd your wok and lower the temp too much and you won't get crispy batter.

Action shot:

Drain on absorbent paper

and serve on a bed of baby spniach with mayo.


Vida said...

Yum, I am due for a bit of fish... this is tomorrow's dinner, thanks! Vida x x x

Anonymous said...

Purple Goddess, for extra crispy batter try using Self raising flour with a teeny bit of rice & real cornflour in the mix. Just blend with water & a touch of salt.
The batter should be 'Extreme-Crispy'tm.