Friday 15 April 2011

kaukau chips

Take a meduim sized taro (kaukau) and chop it into meduim batons. War gloves, or the taro will make your hands itch like made.

Take one can of bully beef, or corned beef, (I used Ox and Palm) and smoosh it together with 2 eggs, some corn flour, some  chopped shallots until it form a slurry. Add the batons of taro and mix gently.

Deep fry tablespoons of the mix in vegetable oil until the taro batons are crispy and the batter is cooked through.

Sprinkle with salt and serve on a plaintain leaf.

PG is heading to BrisVegas for a few days, so hopefully the next few posts will be about mainlining icecream, pho and mushrooms.

Stand by.