Wednesday 6 April 2011

Once upon a time

 There was a poor lonely, unloved little compoud in Lae. Frankly, it was as boring as bat shit.

 It envied all the other compounds, with their lush tropical trees, rambutan vines, soursop trees and fragrant frangipanis

 All IT had was buxus hedge,9ft steel fences and razor wire.

 Until one day, along came crazy dim-dim mari wit buai gras bilong het.

 And her crazy Ninjah Puppeh, Bubbles the Glorious

 Crazy white lady started an orchid wall

 And had banana envy, of her neighbours garden

 So after a few false starts, and a feeble attempt by her nemesis the flowa boi, she managed to make all cat-piss-smelling buxus disappear and planted bebi shuga vines and lemon grass

 And pineapples. And rambutan vines, and vanilla vines

 And a small orphan pikinini called Abraham worked out pretty quickly that she was a sucker for a sob story and a pai of big sad eyes, and used to bring her flowa for her haus.

 And her orchid wall bloomed, just like she did.

And her greatest hope was that, one day, she'd be able to feed all her compound wantoks from their very own garden.


Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Jazz said...

And the rest of the world hoped no one would uproot her plants again.

Griffin said...

Now that's my kind of folktale... a crazy killer ninja puppeh called... Bubbles?! No wonder that dog's a killer! If my mum had called me Bubbles, I'd have tattoos, shaven head and a desire to kill anything that thought Bubbles was a 'cute' name...oh and a chainsaw.

Fortunately my name is NOT Bubbles and I am a fiend in vaguely human shape. So no worries.

Methinks you could make Abraham the new flowa boi. Even orphans need to eat.