Monday 4 April 2011


Yesterday was Sunday, pretty much now my weekly "Get out of Dodge" day. This week saw me invited to a friends village. Bantu village is about an hour and a half away, in the Ramu Valley.

Once we got there, the village took me for  walk. It was truly on of the most majical experiences of my life, and photos will follow, but because this is a food blog, I'll just keep it on topic for a change!

So, here I am walking through the jungles of PNG, and I mention to the Hed Boss Man that I like to eat.

Quick as a wink, Peter... all 3ft tall and 4 years old of him, shimmies up the nearest tree...
See, this is what I mean by "no concept of organic" here. Of course there are commercial farming processes up here, but 100% of the fruit and veg you buy at the local markets are harvested and grown like in the photo. Self-seeded in the jungle surrounding a village, and harvested by hand, by pikininis.

and brings me a soursop, If you look closely at the pic, you can still see the sugar ants crawling all over it!
Now , I'd never tried a soursop. I've seen them at the markets, but didn't know what they were. 

They are delicious, a cross between a custard apple and a pineapple. Research at the National University of Colombia also suggests the soursop has strong potential anti-cancer treatment, which is kinda awesome, and SO much tastier than chemo.


I've saved the seeds, sacked the gardener, and I'm going to plant them in my little garden. Hopefully in a few months, I'll have some soursops of my own


Griffin said...

Soursoplings perhaps? They are proof that all plants are really fiendish alien thingies taking over our world! I bet when you're not looking they get their rayguns out and zap things. Fiendly plants, I'm onto ya!

Ahem, I better have a's been a long day...!!

lila shakti romay said...

hello...its shakti...i wanted to know if i could log in to the tavern, and how? my email is love your blog. i love food. :) didnt know how to contact you another way....