Monday 2 May 2011

West Fest

When I was young, we used to visit my great-uncle, who had a dairy farm. My mum grew up on a dairy farm, and used to tell us tales of scones and clotted cream. So this Saturday past, I took myself off to Weston's annual village fair, West Fest. For a SOLE foodie, it was possibly the ultimate 'mess in my rompers' experience.

There was bread.... REAL bread.... crusty and yeasty and fresh, a far cry from the sweet, white crap I get in PNG. I gorged on olive bread, baguette, cob. It was wonderful!!

Due to the ridiculous OH&S laws in OZ, We're unable to get raw milk cheese. No such ridiculous nanny-law here in the UK, so I stocked up on roquefort, stilton and Jersey blue.

Weston is the home of proper cider.... Somerset cider... apple and pear. Scrumpy, pale or dark.

I may never drink wine again!

And then there are the strawberries.. only just coming into season, in time for the Henley regatta.

I saw a proper May Pole, missed the Morris dancers, sat under an ancient celtic cross eating blackberry icecream, and then met friends for a pint at my new local.

Off to Bath today, to pick up some pressies for the kids, and to 'take the waters'


Griffin said...

Missed the Morris men? How? How come everyone else gets them and you manage to miss 'em???!!! You gotta tell me your secret... please?

Ahem, saw a proper maypole eh? giggle... ahem, oh THAT one. It's still the same as Shiva's lingam you know... blimey, sex, sex, sex that's all they ever thought of!!! Well they didn't have telly in those days.

West country does have some fab foodie delights. I am back from Paris... and now skint! Sigh...

purple goddess said...

hello darling! welcome back! I'm in Bath for the next few months, helping out a friend in need.I SHOULD have wheels soon, but how far from Bath are you? Can we play??