Wednesday 19 September 2007

Bullboar sausages

I first tried these several years ago, when Furry and I honeymooned in Daylesford. They are an exquisite blend of beef, pork, garlic and spices, rich in marbled fat. (The ones we get are flavoured with rosemary). They are a local goldfields specialty and the recipe is closely guarded. They are out favourite snags, and the darling of the slow food movement. There was some controverst a few years ago, when a group of local school kids decided to make some for a local event. Read here for the details. Whenever Furry and I hear that anyone is heading up to Daylesford, we make a plea for them to grab us some and bring them home. Our fave supplier is

Danny Wanke
Albert Street Butchery
Shop 3/22 Albert Street
Daylesford VIC 3460
Tel: 03 5348 2679

Or see the Food Lovers Guide here...


We've eaten these sausages at the Farmers Arms, the "least pretentious eatery in a town full of foodie poseurs", where we had them with garlic mash and a rosemary reduction, and we've also tried them at Frango's and Frango's done with a tomato reduction, but we love to go up there on a day trip, or guilt friends into bringing them home and cooking them up ourselves.

Our dream is to one day try them at The Lake House.

**insert sounds of Heavenly Seraphim Choir, please**

My technique is to place the snags in cold water and to slowly bring them to a gentle simmer, skimming any froth off as I go. I simmer them until firm, sometimes up to 2 hours. Then I place them in a skillet with a knob of duck or bacon fat and brown them off.

Be careful, they're rich, and you only need one (or for Furry, two!) per person. I serve them ala Farmers Arms, with creamy mash and a brown onion gravy, or on a bed of buttery cous cous fragranced with orange zest (which accompanies the rosemary notes perfectly)

Umm... so if anyone has a trip to Daylesford planned, can you let me know, I'll slip you some $$$ and you can bring me back some.

I am planning Bullboar and bocconcini pizza this summer.


Anonymous said...

hi. was reading your site and thought you might like to know there is a little deli at vic market that sell bullboars."the chicken pantry,shop 85-86 dairy produce hall, ph 9329 6417.