Wednesday 17 October 2007

Chicken with Hokkien Noodles.

What to cook when you've had a squiffy stomach and you're a food obsessive?? None of that plain rice or toast and Vegie... Here's a quick, easy and tasty meal that will fill you up, give you lots of goodies to settle the tum and still have flavour!!! Marinade some chicken tenders (the real thing, not that crap that is crumbed and frozen and made from ground up chicken carcasses). I used a tablespoon of oyster sauce, a tablespoon of Hoisin and a goodly whack of soy. Let it sit for about 1/2 an hour. Pour marinade and chicken into a hot wok with just a splash of sesame oil. If your wok is well seasoned, you shouldn't need more oil than just a splash. shale around until chicken is coloured and marinade begins to caramelize. Add more soy sauce if it starts to catch. While this is going on, rinse some Hokkien noodles under hot water and let them separate. Once your chicken is cooked, add the noodles, toss about and serve.

Good fer wot ails ya.


stickyfingers said...

I just want to grab a fork!

Had a look at the Hoi Sin sauce link - interesting site, could spend hours there. Funny - they got the recipe for Hoi Sin & pronunciation quite wrong though. Not that anyone makes it when you can readily get the Lee Kum Kee version in supermarkets, and it is pronounced Hoy Sin in Cantonese.

This yummy, gooey, sweet guck is actually made with fermented yellow bean paste aka delicious red miso, not black bean paste and it never has 'hot sauce' in it. Goes great guns in a bowl of pho when you have a squidgy belly.

purple goddess said...

pho, with hoi (I've always pronouned it "hoy") sin.. and those little fried fish, and steamed bean shoots...

**insert Homer drooling noise**

Unfortunately, I have 5 Teenzillas for dinner tonight (uumm.. that's cooking for, not consuming, BTW...) so pho is a no-go.

grocer said...

my bad belly dish is along these lines too - adapted/inherited from a 1/2 thai flatmat a long time ago.
funnily enough she called it "rice soup" and really it's just a soupy runny congee.

it has to have ginger chicken soy and rice in it and the rest is dependent on what's in the fridge and just how bad the belly is...