Monday 15 October 2007 An apology.

Just received this:

Dear Ella,

I would like to personally apologise for the way your access to Taste was severed last week. As you know I was responding to a complaint about your post, and in the light of that I had my PC hat on when I reviewed your other posts. There has been some lively debate back at the forum, and I can see I really missed the point, and you meant nothing derogative.

As to your access, I can see you meant no disruption, and the Admin at the time acted a little harsh. Your access has been restored, but I understand if you have had enough of If you want the rest of your posts removed, just let me know. Otherwise, there are many who’d love to have you back.

I will be personal posting a message in the forum too apologising.




I just received your reply, but I’ll let this one stand.

And sent back...

Well, well, well.... Anthony.. you have balls, my dear. Not too many people would apologise after the basting you gave me. (and the one you received from me **ahem**)

I salute you sir.

I shall pop back into to Taste later today and say a quick hello, to pour oil on waters, as they say. I have had quite a flurry on my blog, too.. I shall post it publicly there as well, in the spirit of better and more effective communication.




grocer said...

i can't believe I've managed to get any work done today after all of this hilarity

purple goddess said...

you an me both, love!!!

Thanks for taking this on. It WAS an injustice and PC out-of-control-ness.

I'm going to pop back into Taste later on this arvo and say hi...

Had some wonderful correspondance with Anthony (which doesn't need to be aired here and all is good.

Between you, me and razzle, there's been a lot of "ejoomicating" going on.