Thursday 1 November 2007

On an Asian kick...

Soak some dried mushrooms in vegetable stock and dry sherry.

Deconstructed gow-gee's. Minced pork, basil, egg and hoisin:

Naked gow-gees chillin' in the fridge:

Random ingredients for a Thai-inspired salad:

Damn it!!!! lets turn it into a Thai calamari salad!!:

Who had one too many glasses of Organic Round Table Limited Offer Bianco Verde 2005 ??



stickyfingers said...

Noice! Do I spy a Furry paw cleaning the squid?

I like to put ginger, garlic chives, chopped water chestnuts and finely diced bamboo shoots into my dumplings.

While you've been Asian crazy I've been salad crazy, using up the contents of the fridge before we head west...we've been chomping our way through whacking great plates of vegies.

purple goddess said...

'Tis indeed a paw of the Furry variety.

We're gettin' all Skippy tonight... pan fried hunka hunka T-bones and salad.

A Furry's got to get back in touch with his inner caveman after cooking Asian 2 nights in a row!!

stickyfingers said...

Roadkill BBQ? Possum Pie and emu omelette?

purple goddess said...

I've eaten possum.

Tastes like rancid moose marinated in mouthwash.


Personally, I'd be all good with road-killBBQ.. I think the g o b b l e r is onto something!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I had a sudden hankering for homemade gow gees tonight after seeing your photos and then you went and mentioned rancid moose roadkill. Gee thanks goddess!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way what shrooms did you use, Goddess? I've got porcini in the pantry but may as well pick up some woodear when i get the gow gee wrappers. Also, recipe for your calamari salad please? Ta.

purple goddess said...

The shrooms were from my Asian grocer. I have no idea what variety.

As for the salad, I had some thai basil left over from the gow-gees, some asparagus, blanched and refreshed, some leb cukes, some rocket, some baby spinach.

Furry cut and scored the calamari, added some salt and ground Schezhuan pepper, and fried it off in sesame oil until curled (about a minute).

Whacked this on aforementioned random salad vegies and added a dressing of 1 part red wine vinegar to 1 part sweet chilli sauce and a squeeze of lime juice. A splash of fish sauce and a julienned carrot completed the Thai theme!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Thanks Goddess.