Tuesday 20 November 2007

Sticking it to Golden Arches!

Incase you don't know about this, here is the background story. Ian MacDonald runs The Flash Duck. Named so, because, well... he likes ducks, and because McDisgusting Corp. made his change it. Can't have people thinking a resto, with green and black as the predominant colour theme, and a menu that includes vegan burgers and haggis burgers might be confoozed with the tasteless boiled pap that extrudes from the servery windows of Golden Arches, now, can we??

More info on his David and Goliath battle is here at Ian's Blog.

I eat there because a) I'm an old hippie, and any time I can stick it to the Corporation, I take it and also b) because the food is bloody good. The produce is sourced locally and the burgers are hand ground from local scotch fillet.


We went down to FD, with our friends, Peakie and Dr Trevorkian, and had a most pleasant arvo.

A bottle of wine:

I ordered the Thai chicken burger. T'was fragrant with Vietnamese mint, coriander and sweet chili sauce.

Furry and Dr Trevorkian ordered the cleverly named UNOHOOZ burger.. basically, one with the lot.

Peakie, after much deliberation, ordered the haggis burger.

Now. Peakie is a haggis eating FOOL!! This woman knows her haggis. After the Great Gleneagles Haggis and Whisky Creme debacle of 2001, I was not keen to sample it, but after much coaxing and nurturing, I did.

Can't se the point, myself, but Peakie was coo-ing over it. I'll take her word that it was great.

Apparently Ian sources his haggis from a local Scottish butcher in Dandenong,

Check out the resto's site: The Flash Duck. and go there. And eat REAL hamburgers.

Oh, and another reason to go.... the support these guys:

Land Of Smiles Foundation.


Anonymous said...

G'day P.G.
Really enjoyed your Mornington Pen food rundown. I have some close friends at McRae & Dromamna who will be intersetd in the info.
As to the burgers. This Flash Duck joint sounds like the real deal. Its great to see enterprizes like this flying in the face of our increasingly homogonised food landscape.
More encoraging though is that they are being well patronised & seem to be making a living from it.
Proof that people reaaly do want to eat something good.
As KevinCostner heard in Field of dreams, 'Build it & they will come'.

grocer said...

haggis burger, I don't think so! but the uno hooz sounds perfect.
just dropped by his blog as well and gave him the thumbs up - credit to you PG.

stickyfingers said...

Looks really yum. We did the burger thing too on the weekend.

Rare breed Lincolnshire lamb burgers we bought from spry 80something year old Farmer Ethel. (She makes killer Merguez sausages too.) I pulled on some Barossa goats curd, fried onions and swiss brown mushrooms, salad, beetroot, and a cheddar style Shaw River Buffalo Cheese. Was so tasty it didn't even require 'dead horse' or "dorse" as the Godson has always called it.

Macca's is like chewing polystyrene in comparison to a proper burger.

stickyfingers said...

OMG I saw your pic on Tastespotting - bet your blog stats have gone through the roof!