Thursday 24 July 2008

Spag Bog

Blogger is doing weird things with photos today, so I'll have to skip the first few photos from this post, and pic it up in the middle.

Spag Bog. Every home has got a recipe, This is mine. It's not fast.. but it's worth it. I usually make mine one night, and let the flavours marry overnight in the fridge, to serve on bucatelli the next evening. It freezes well (if there's any left over!) and it's a great way out of getting 6 adult meals out of 500g of mince!

Finely dice a couple of rashers of bacon, fry until crispy. Add 500g lean premium beef mince and brown. Even though I use a non-stick pan, I like to add some of the oil from the semi-sun dried tomatoes that will be added in later. I also added the last of the roasted marinated caps from my haul of peppers last year. Add some oregano, basil and garlic and a glass of red wine. Simmer slowly until it has absorbed all the liquid (as in the above photo)

Add 1.5 cups of milk, again, simmer slowly until all the milk has been absorbed.

Add one can of Italian Roma tomatoes, a handful of semi-sun dried tomatoes and a whole jar of sugo (I have used the last of my bottled stuff from Summer, so I use La Gina brand)

(photo taken the next morning)

Simmer for 2 hours until thick, glossy and unctuous. Allow to cool, return to a simmer to heat and serve over fav pasta with a grating of Peccorino Romano.


stickyfingers said...


Did you serve it in a waffle cone like they're doing in Korea? Saves on the washing up - next they'll be eating it through a fat bubble tea straw - LOL!

purple goddess said...

the thought of spag bog thru a fat bubble tea straw at 7.51am is making me just a little bit nauseous.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

omigod I so want that sauce over a massive bowl of pasta nooooowww!!!

purple goddess said...

Come on over Shellie... the leftovers are getting turned into Arancini's tonight!

Frankster said...

Never thought of, or knew about adding milk. Does that amp up the unctuousness factor? And I can almost smell that sauce from here...mmm mmm.

Adele said...

mmm, wish i had the forsight or patience to make things the night before. :)

purple goddess said...

I believe that adding milk, for some, turns it from a bolognese to a ragu... but I am not a purist, and I still call it spag bog.

It gives the sauce a much deeper flavour, but the key is to sloooooowly let the milk absorb before adding anything else, or you get a nasty curdled mess!!

Brandi Reynolds said...

this sounds very much like the southern (US) chili my mom makes-except for the milk. Does the milk add flavor? Or is it a consistency thing??

I'm intrigued... said...

Never thought of milk... will give this a try... Vida x

Thermomixer said...

Sounds great, looks great, bet it is (was) great. How were the arancini?
Did you see the post at Sunnybrae about Angelo's sauce: he used parmesan rind in the mix which would give similar properties to the milk.