Friday 3 August 2007

How real women cook...

So, I get home... it's winter and wet and cold. Furry is grumpy, the dogs are smelly and 3 out of 5 kids are "starving"..

And guess who forgot to go to the shops on the way home??

So what does a Mum do??

Gets by...

Some aborio rice, a dodgy packet of pre-fab chicken stock (and you don't know how much that pains me to admit that I actually had that in my cupboard), mix up a quick basic risotto, but what to add????


There's some Indian take away left over from last night... So in goes and unidentified amount of palak paneer, maybe 2 tablespoons of Aloo Ghobi, something that may or may not be left over chicken Makhani, and a left over container of some unidentified pickle.

Stir.. Heat... Serve with left over cold raita and call it "fusion food"

Man.. it was SPECTACULAR!!!.. I mean really REALLY good.. like picky Master 11 got all "Oliver" on my a$$ and asked for "More"..

The pain.. the shame.. of knowing I will never be able to recreated this dish ever, ever again...

I am shattered.