Monday 13 August 2007

PG's Pumpkin Soup

Pg's Pumpkin Soup:

Take a medium sized pumpkin. Peel it, dice it. Do the same for 1/2 a medium sweet potato (your ratio should be about 1 piece of sweet tattie to 10 of pumpkin)

Finely slice 1 leek.

Sweat everything off in a large pot, with a bit of olive oil. When nicely coated, and the leek is glassy, add chicken stock.. as much chicken stock as it takes to cover the veggies.

Cook until the pumpkin is falling apart.

Whizz with a hand blender until completely smooth.

Add fresh parsley and dill, and serve with a goodly dollop of cream and crusty bread.

(Furry likes to add about 250g of pouring cream after the whizzing, rather than serve it with cream, but it's pretty much as you like it)

Whole shebang should take about an hour and it freezes up a treat!!!


Goddess Leonie * said...

pumpkin soup is my FAVE...

i was just saying to my fabo friendy Mr P today too that i wanted to be a better chef goddesss...

and WA LA... here we are!

may i make a request for your sublime dahl recipe to be here ;)

purple goddess said...

Done darl!!!

Will do it later today..

love you more than Tzatziki