Monday 13 August 2007

My hot little Italian...

That's right, in a few hours I'm gonna meet my new baby.

And she is GORGEOUS!

She’s Italian, a hot little Italian I might add ………

She is a most beautiful stainless steel, 4 burner, large centre grill burner, 960ltr oven, complete with rotisserie. She’s a large girl, 800mm wide (32 inches), 600mm deep (24 inches), standing 900mm (36 inches) tall on 4 beautiful stump stainless steel legs.

And she’s got a hot arse (that a draw at the bottom to keep food warm).

She has a mixed cultural background; she has both gas & electricity running through her. He cook top is gas, her oven is electric, but the grill inside the oven can be either gas or electric.

She’s modest too. There’s a glass panel that hides her burners from just anyone, but, she not too modest that she’s not willing to raise her top …..

As I said before, she’s Italian. Her family name is Eurolec. She was sent out here, from her home land in 2004. At the time a most sort after item, selling for more than $3,000 dollars. She was in such high demand that her sister’s barely sat on our floor before being transferred to adoptive families all over Melbourne.

Then, the unthinkable. She was assaulted by a forklift & has a scar on her right hand side, still clearly visible to this day.

Then, even worse, because she was damaged goods, no one wanted her. She was abandoned, forgotten, lost in the crowd. A faceless, numberless, lost soul in a sea of thousands. She was reduced to living in a cardboard box, on the ground floor of a steel racking high rise.

Then one day, my Furry was surveying his domain.

You see Furry doesn’t like dust on boxes, he doesn't make a lot of money from dust on boxes. He makes his money moving clean boxes all over this great brown land.

Furry enquired about the inhabitant of the box, to find out that no one wanted her. She was forgotten by her previous owners, and by her current minders. While Furry saw her scar, he didn’t care, even though she was very shy about it.

He knew that in the right place (kitchen @ Chez Fur), she could hide her scar from everyone & only a very select few would ever know about it.

She seemed very happy about it all.

A ransom, no bribe if you like was raised. Her freedom arranged, & for the meagre sum of $150, she is now coming to live down Chez Fur. She’s hot, sexy, and gorgeous!!

We’ll take photos of her home coming, her moving into her new room & her first meal …… all hopefully this weekend.

Wish her luck.