Friday 3 August 2007

A hunka hunka burning cow...

Written by Prax, my festy besty, and copied verbatim from our site......

The Manthing, the D-Monster and I made the trip down to Chez Fur du Mer on Saturday. We had to see this eighth wonder of the world and it's creator.

And we weren't disappointed. PG put up a pic of the Taj Mahal some weeks back and presto! She manifested pretty much that in her backyard.

When we arrived, Nick had started burning some wood and paper in it to "season" the inside.

So, let's have a look shall we? Here she is!

You walk around the back, mouth agape in astonishment at this monument and this is the view (like a mature woman's breast, she droops slightly off to one side I promptly christened her Eileen [or Irene] Cool ] )

A perspective shot. This metal door is the original oven door. So when PG says "Nick built it a bit bigger than the original" you get an idea of just HOW much bigger this thing is Shocked

Here is the proud builder with the equally proud (if slightly baffled) PG and Lima Bean:

And here is the famous golf stick - the only tool apparently used in the creation of this monument:

Nick was VERY clear that it was NOT to be cooked in that night. No no no. It had to have another day of "fire ... bigga fire ... then ... maybe cook ... maybe not. Maybe some chops" But of course, PG had already bought a great hunka meat which she had every intention of cooking in it. So after Nick left, in it went! Along with some potatoes in foil:

While all this is going on, Lima Bean and the D-Monster couldn't care less. They had the Playstation to play!

Two and a half hours later - to my surprise, the bloody thing actually cooked the meat - and cooked it to perfection! (Furry had raised it a bit to get the heat and after that, it cooked really quickly). Here is the finished product. Can't tell you how fabulous it tasted! Really unique and smokey:

So we head to bed, full from a nice dinner. True to form, Nick rocks up at 8 am Sunday morning Shocked Rolling Eyes

He's sniffing around and in the oven suspiciously ... "smell! smell! whadda dat smell? She smell ..." Does he know we cooked in it? Embarassed We think we've got away with it Mr. Green

Nick builds a bigger fire in it today:

About half an hour later - three people turn up and just walk up the driveway and into the back yard. It's Helen! and Helen! and Con.

(That's Con bending over in the background) They are all very excited about having their pictures put "on the internetta"

Later on, I buy some lamb chops and PG uses a combination of last night's pan juices, some red wine and garlic to make a marinade and in go the chops for half an hour and this is what they looked like when they came out:

If ONLY I could capture smell in a picture! You'd swoon - seriously - and they tasted beyond divine. *insert drooling icon*

I highly recommend the Big Fat Greek Oven as a means of cooking. So come! come! everyone! come eat!