Friday 3 August 2007

Meet my Husband...

Furry bless his hairy little toes, decided to cook me dinner last night.

He's not a bad cook.. but he's a better eater....

His range of culinary offering usually run to wraps, nachos, spag bog... that sort of thing, but he does love to watch me cook..

So last night, I worked late and he decided to cook a **ahem** chicken stew....

I opened the front door of The House Of Purple Lerve to be greeted by a decidedly fishy smell, and Furry bouncing around, waving a ladle gaily and talking about Chicken.. while the strong smell of FISH permeated my nostrils..

Furry had browned cashews and garlic and onion and chicken, added zucc's and spinach and mushrooms and sun dried toms, and some chicken stock and creme.

And then he turned to me and said proudly"

"And I know you like to add anchovies because they make your sauce richer, so I did that too!!"

Umm.. No.. he'd found FOUR salted and breaded SARDINES and added the lot to the stew.

He's so proud of it, but it is seriously inedible... is there ANY way I can save it, tone down the fish, so I can eat it and beam proudly at him???

I skivved out last night, by only having a mouthful or two and then claiming tiredness due to work, but he cheerfully informs me that "you tell me things get better when you let the flavours marry overnight, so we';ll have it tomorrow and it'll be even NICER!!!!"

I'll be home and hour or so before him tonight.

Please PLEASE tell me there's something I can do!!!!


Anonymous said...

yes - get home early, wrap said disaster (container and all) and run down street to nearest public bin and deposit. Go home, recreate WITHOUT said crumbed sardines and .............. LIE : )

Bart Cubbins